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About Land and Sea

Land and Sea Organics is a 35 year old company specializing in organic-based fertilizer products. It was developed to take care of the nutritional needs of farm crops being produced in the local area. LSO has developed a program to utilize waste by-products while supplying nutrients to crops at a more economical price to the grower.

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Huma Blend, Calcium Powder, K-20 (0-0-20), Control (12-4-4), PerForm, and Zinc Nitrate (2-0-05 Zn) SOIL AMEND-
MENTS: CH-20, Seaweed, Compost (2-1-3), Tri-Lig, HumaK Source, Yucca, and Seagold WATER RUNS: CF-1,
Transplant Powder (12-5-5), Tri-Humic (12% liquid humic)

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