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Tue 16 Jan 2018
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What is Tri-Lig?

tri-lig01Tri-Lig is a source of leonardite, obtained from mines in North Daktoa. This shale is about 80% active ingredients, and is the highest grade unavailable in the United States.


An application of 40-80 lbs. per acre broadcast in the fall through early spring to allow winter rains to help in the breakdown of material. For special applications and benefits please consult with our field representatives. Following with an application of Liquid Humic Acids will allow you to get the best results.

Benefits of using Tri-Ligtri-lig03

The presence of leonardite in soil (as Tri-Lig) appears to increase aeration, tilth, workability, and the buffering properties of the soil. Tri-Lig also improves water movement through the soil and long-term inorganic fertilizer retention. It is also a plant stimulant, by providing a slow release of auxins, amino acids, and organic phosphates.


Tri-Lig is composed of 1.0% calcium, 0.5% magnesium, 1.0% sulfur, and 50% humic acids derived from leonardite.



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Tri-Lig Documents

Tri-Lig MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheets)


Tri-Lig Label

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