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Tue 16 Jan 2018
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What is Huma K Source?

huma_k01Huma K Source is a water-suspendible powder containing a minimum of 86% humic acids extracted from ground leonardite, and oxidized from lignite. Humic acids are the principle constituents of organic plant matter in an advanced state of decomposition. Huma K Source is composed of 86% humic acids derived from leonardite. It also contains several minerals essential for plant growth.





Huma K Source is compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and defoliants, except those with a low pH. DO NOT mix with calcium nitrate. Huma K Source may be used on all grain crops, cotton, alfalfa, seed crops, tomatoes, sugar beets, peppers, rice vegetables, and horticulture crops. For exact application rates, please contact your Land & Sea Organics representative.

Benefits of Using Huma K

  • The Humic acid found in Huma K promotes vegetable growth
  • It favors the germination of seeds and increases the vitamin content in the plant
  • Humic acids are also the primary source and activator of the compounds that the plant uses for its metabolism.
  • It improves plant nutrition by stimulating the absorption of mineral elements through the roots and leaves, which increases the efficiency of foliar fertilizers.
  • As well as the biological benefits mentioned above, there are also physical and chemical benefits to using Huma K Source.



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Huma-K Documents

Huma-K MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheets)


Huma-K Label


Huma-K OMRI Certificate

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