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Tue 16 Jan 2018
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What is Huma Blend?

huma_blend05Huma Blend is a unique blend of natural occurring products which have been processed and enhanced to provide a blend of enriched organic nutrients with natural enhancements. Huma Blend is composed of Huma K Source, Seaweed Powder, Yucca, and Fish Protein.


For soluble fertilizers, blend 2-3% Huma Blend with the fertilizer. For dry bulk fertilizers, add 5-10 lbs. per bulk ton for best results. Huma Blend can also be mixed with foliar fertilizers.

DO NOT mix with calcium nitrate.


Because of the materials in this blend, they have a synergistic effect on each other, which means that they have natural tendencies to compliment each other, making each ingredient more effective.

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Huma Blend Documents

Huma Blend MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheets)


Huma Blend Label

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